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P.J. O’Rourke, Forbes

“We were on a scimitar of a ridge, thousands of feet in the air. Snowcapped mountains loomed, but they loomed below us. We could see rivers, in extremely small scale, threads of blue monofilament. Mile-wide turquoise lakes glinted minutely, beads lost in a shag rug. We were at the top of the Chatkal Range of …

Pamela Singleton, former vet

“Alexandra said she chose Sary Chelek as she felt like she’d landed in paradise on her Silk Road riding adventure. It did indeed feel like paradise, with waist height flowers of purple alliums, yellow fennel, pink lilies and irises. Riding through the walnut forest, plucking ripe mulberries from trees as we rode past, we heard a …

Willie Hartley Russell, Client Investment Director

“Having been on many riding adventures around the world, this was, without doubt, the best.  Alexandra Tolstoy’s knowledge of Kyrgyzstan and her fluent Russian ensured that it was a brilliant trip for our group. This was a trip of a lifetime, and it did not disappoint.”

Sofie Fletcher

“It is very difficult to pinpoint my favourite parts of our Kyrgyzstan adventure because it was all so wonderful. Arriving at our breathtakingly beautiful lakeside camp and plunging into the water. Eating home-cooked pumpkin dumplings under the milky way. Learning new card games with new friends, cocktail in hand. Or watching our brilliant guides play …

The Daily Telegraph

“Alexandra Tolstoy’s trips offer unrivalled access to this historically, culturally and geographically fascinating region.”

Emily van Lier, charity consultant

“Kyrgyzstan is breathtakingly beautiful, and with Alexandra, we saw it in the best possible way.  She knows the country and culture so well, and her eye for detail is unsurpassed.  To be so comfortable in such a wild and remote landscape was amazing.  We are dreaming of going back with the children, it’s the trip of a lifetime.”

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