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Beatriz Choi

The best way to explore Kyrgyzstan

Sarah Siese recommends a holiday on horseback as the best way to explore the mountainous landscape of Kyrgyzstan and experience the traditions of hospitality associated with its centuries-old nomadic culture

– House & Garden, July 2023

Alexandra Tolstoy travelling through Central Asia
Meet Alexandra Tolstoy, the travelling countess

She married an Uzbek horseman and rode the length of the Silk Road; lived the oligarch lifestyle with ‘Putin’s banker’; and now leads intrepid group tours of the Stans.

– The Sunday Times, February 2019

From Moscow to the mountains

How Alexandra Tolstoy found herself spending the summer holidays riding and camping in the majestic and remote peaks of Kyrgyzstan.

– The Telegraph, January 2019

Horse People with Alexandra Tolstoy for BBC2

Alexandra was commissioned by BBC2 to present the series ‘Horse People with Alexandra Tolstoy’, where she travelled to Siberia, Spain and America.

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